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Blaupunkt BT 300 TWS Review: 60 hours of playback time and excellent build quality, these features will also be available

Blaupunkt BT300 Moksha Earbuds

Blaupunkt BT300 TWS Review: German tech company Blaupunkt recently introduced BT300 Moksha Earbuds. The company has launched these earbuds in the market in the design of circle case. Here we are sharing our experience with you after using Moksha Earbuds, after knowing which you can easily decide whether you should buy Moksha Earbuds or not.

Blaupunkt has launched these earbuds keeping in mind those users who are not able to charge their earbuds for a long time. For this reason, in the case of Moksha Earbuds, you get a backup of 60 hours, through which users can enjoy meetings and music for a long time.

Build quality of BT300 Moksha earbuds

The company has launched this earbud in a special design, in which it is easy for you to carry the BT300 Moksha earbuds. Also, one gets good grip while holding the case. Apart from this, the design of BT300 Moksha earbuds is user friendly which provides comfort to the ears while using them.

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Blaupunkt bt 300 moksha earbuds

Blaupunkt BTW300 earbuds have 6 AI microphones, which help in hearing and speaking the sound of the earbuds in the best possible way. This earbud has hybrid ANC technology which helps in reducing the surrounding noise. In such a situation, you can easily use these earbuds even in loud noisy environments.

Connectivity of BT300 Moksha earbuds

Connectivity is also quite good in BT300 Moksha earbuds. It is easier to connect with Android devices. These can also be connected to iPhone. But our experience of connecting with Android has been quite good. Its biggest feature can also be said that you are going to have a good experience of connectivity in it.

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Sound quality of BT300 Moksha earbuds

You get ANC in these buds and because of 42dB, the sound quality is also going to be quite good. It is generally seen that ANC does not work well in cheap buds, but this is not going to happen with this one. Its ANC works quite well. We did not face any problem in using the buds for calling on the bike. In this, the company has done a lot of work on voice quality. You are not going to face any problem during calling.

Our verdict on BT300 Moksha earbuds

Buying Blaupunkt Moksha from Amazon will cost you Rs 3,999. In such a situation, this can prove to be a very good option for you. In our opinion, we would just like to say that considering the price, you are not going to get very good sound.


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