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Blast in Chinese phone, explode while playing video game, you too may have to face these mistakes

Phone Blast (indicative picture)

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Phone Safety Tips: Using the mobile phone in the wrong way can cost you dearly. Chinese smartphone company in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh Xiaomi phone of Mobile But it exploded while playing the game. According to reports, a child has been burnt in this incident. phone blast The incidents have come to the fore many times. That’s why it is very important to take care of some things while using the phone. Today we will tell you some such mistakes, which we often make while using the phone. To avoid any untowardness, leave these wrong habits immediately.

This is not the first incident when there has been a blast in the phone. Even before this, incidents of mobile explosions have come to the fore. In Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, a mobile blast took the life of a newborn. At the same time, according to media reports, in September this year in Delhi-NCR also, a woman was allegedly killed due to a blast in Xiaomi’s phone. Therefore, to prevent such incidents, it is necessary that users take precautions while operating the phone.

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Do not do these mistakes with the phone

  1. Do not use old, damaged or melted battery in the phone.
  2. Do not use while charging mobile. If the phone is on charging, do not talk on the call.
  3. Do not put the smartphone on charging overnight. If you want to put the phone on charging at night, then turn on the charging optimization feature.
  4. It is not right to play games on the phone for a long time, so avoid doing so.
  5. Should not be used when the phone is hot. If the panel of the phone has become hot, then immediately put the phone aside.
  6. Do not make the mistake of putting the hot phone on charging.
  7. The phone gets hot especially in the summer season, so be sure to take precautions.
  8. Do not charge the phone with any other charger than the original charger. Often users charge the phone with a local charger.
  9. Always use the original charger to charge the phone.
  10. There is a danger of blast in mobile by using charger of local or any other phone.


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