Friday, February 23, 2024

BlackSky and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia conclude contracts worth $50 million for the rapid development of their own satellites

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The company BlackSky has entered into contracts for a total amount of approximately $50 000 000 with the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia to provide access to commercial space exploration, which will provide the country the opportunity to create sovereign space capabilities in the future.

General Director BlackSky Brian O’Toole notes that the new model of providing services to clients allows to avoid significant financial costs and long periods of creation of operational research capacity. Now customers can access these capabilities immediately.

Jakarta, Indonesia. Source: BlackSky

Within the framework of the concluded contracts, the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia will have the opportunity to assign tasks to commercial satellites of BlackSky and have access to commercial data. O’Toole reports that Indonesian officials are already undergoing training on the use of the software.

Additionally, BlackSky, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, will develop and deliver independent satellites EO and SAR, which will allow Indonesia to have its own observation capabilities at a lower cost and time frame, compared to developing its own space capabilities.

O’Toole emphasizes that this hybrid model can be used to connect to commercial satellites already in orbit and use software platforms, such as his own, to obtain exploration data. At the same time, it is possible to develop our own sovereign capabilities, taking into account the needs of specific regions.

BlackSky appealed to the Indonesian Ministry of Defense with a proposal to provide commercial access and create independent satellites. O’Toole notes that the proposal was accepted instantly, and the Ministry has already received access to space exploration in real time — just a month after the signing of the contract.

O’Toole predicts that, amid rising defense budgets and increasing dependence on space exploration, similar international deals will become increasingly popular not only for BlackSky, but for other companies.

BlackSky — American company, specializing in commercial space exploration. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Seattle (Washington).

BlackSky already has several successfully implemented projects. One of them — creation of a global network of satellite monitoring of the Earth with high resolution. This network allows receiving current data and images from all over the world in real time. Additionally, the company develops and maintains software platforms for processing and analyzing large volumes of space data.

One of the competitive advantages of BlackSky — combination of high resolution images and fast delivery of data. The company uses its own network of satellites, which allows to quickly receive information from all over the world.

Currently BlackSky continues to develop its technologies and strengthen its position in the commercial space exploration market. The company actively seeks new opportunities for cooperation and conducts negotiations with other partners and customers, including governments of different countries.

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