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Black Shark 5 Pro tops DxOMark’s global audio rankings

Shortly after the announcement of the new flagship Black Shark, the DxOMark laboratory published the results of tests of the smartphone’s audio system. As it turned out, it boasts not only powerful hardware and fast charging, but also excellent acoustics.

Black Shark 5 Pro

To evaluate and analyze the smartphone’s audio system, DxOMark engineers conducted a series of tests lasting 20 hours under controlled laboratory conditions. Only the device’s built-in hardware and default applications were used to evaluate playback and recording capabilities.

Summing up the results of a series of tests, the experts noted that the gadget set a kind of record: it became the loudest smartphone ever visited the laboratory. At the same time, even with the sound turned to the maximum, its quality did not decrease. The list of advantages of its acoustics was supplemented by such indicators as excellent tonal balance, accurate calibration of stereo speakers and very good dynamic characteristics.

Black Shark 5 Pro

In recording mode, the verdict turned out to be similar: excellent performance even at high sound pressure levels, almost no artifacts, and correct tonal balance. In addition, as in the case of playback, the device was called the champion in terms of the quality of the microphones.

The list of shortcomings turned out to be much more modest. In the minuses of the device, rare artifacts were recorded during playback after unpausing, as well as a “lack” at the peak of high frequencies and a slight dip in the bass range. According to the test results, the device took first place in the DxOMark consolidated audio rating with a score of 86 points.

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