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Black Dot: Not insignificant, the black dot in the top model of iPhone 14 will blow your senses knowing its work

iPhone Features: iPhones have become quite the trending product in India and ever since their 14 series was launched, the market has been stirred up. A special feature is being offered in this, about which we are going to tell you.

iPhone 14 Series Features: iPhone 14 Pro Max is being well-liked all over the world. The reason behind this is the tremendous features and its strong design. So many great features have been offered in the top model of iPhone that you can not even guess. If you think that you know about all its features, then we bet that you would not know about one of its special features. Today we are going to tell you about this feature and what is its function. 

Which is this special feature 

Let us tell you that in the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you see a black colored dot near the camera setup which looks like the camera. Although this works differently from the black dot camera. Actually this black dot is actually a 3D scanner. This 3D scanner is already given to you by attaching it to the iPhone, which is not seen in many branded smartphones. You may not be able to guess how important this is, but using it can save lakhs of rupees. 

How does this black dot scanner of iPhone work? 

This black dot is actually a great 3D scanner which is used in a variety of professions. It may not be of any use to the common man, but some people need it everyday. Let us tell you that this feature can prove to be very useful for designers and artists, as well as for those people who make any kind of sculpture. It can scan your design or models in three dimensions and create a 3D image of it. 

how does it work 

You can use this feature with the help of a special app. You have to download the app once and after that you have to go to the particular shape that you want to scan. You have to scan that shape slowly from all sides. This work is done in the same way as you make video. You have to point and rotate the rear camera of the iPhone towards the object. After this, the 3D image of that shape is saved in the iPhone. Usually, if you get this work done from outside, then you may have to spend lakhs of rupees for this. 

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