Friday, April 19, 2024
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Bitkey crypto wallet stores bitcoins outside of the exchange [VIDEO]

The Block company has released a gadget for people involved in transactions with cryptocurrencies. The Bitkey stone wallet costs $150 and can store bitcoins. It’s paradoxical that you can’t use “crypto” to buy the gadget itself.

Block first presented a prototype of its wallet in 2022, and a year later opened pre-orders. Nicknamed the “stone” wallet, the Bitcoin wallet allows you to store cryptocurrency locally outside of an exchange. This is done to protect electronic funds from a potential exchange collapse.

Bitkey links to the mobile app, but also supports third-party tools to restore access in case the user loses their wallet or smartphone. At the top of the gadget there is a fingerprint sensor. There’s also a USB Type-C charging port and an NFC chip for transferring funds between the app and wallet. 

In addition, Bitkey can be integrated with the Coinbase online platform and the Cash app for transferring and purchasing Bitcoin.


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