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Bitcoin did not rise in price to $ 100,000, but added 63% of the value over the year. Results of 2021 in the cryptocurrency market

2021 turned out to be a very exciting year for cryptocurrency holders: the market was stormy, and in some places it was very stormy. The main news item was, of course, a complete ban on mining, and then on all operations with cryptocurrencies in China. Against the background of this news, Bitcoin, which grew to about $ 56-58,000 in early May, fell to $ 37,000 in just a few days, “taking” other cryptocurrencies with it. Then the market was calm until the end of July, and then – at first moderate, and then (in early October) – explosive growth to an annual maximum of almost $ 68,000 in November. But Bitcoin ends 2021 with a much more modest cost – about $ 48,000.

Throughout the year, different analysts gave different forecasts, but most agreed that by the end of the year, against the backdrop of strong inflation in the US and other countries, Bitcoin could rise in price to $ 100,000. This never happened, but the forecasts, in fact, were postponed to 2022 – analysts believe that in the first two months the main cryptocurrency of the world is still capable of growing up to $ 100,000, but only if it manages to gain a foothold in the $ 68,000. The one that Bitcoin stumbled upon on November 8-9.

Despite the fact that the year Bitcoin ends not at all as positively as analysts predicted, there is still growth, and noticeable: in 2021, the main cryptocurrency of the world has risen in price by 63%. So the investment made in BTC at the beginning of this year has paid off.

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But it was better to invest in Ethereum: the second largest cryptocurrency in the world for the year has risen in price not by interest, but by several times. So, if on January 1, the cost of one ETH was $ 730, then the price at the end of the year is almost $ 3800. Growth – more than five times. However, there are also more profitable coins. Elon Musk’s favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, has risen in price 17 times over the year, and Avalanche, which is on the 11th place in the list of the main cryptocurrencies in the world, has risen in price 29 times. In general, an investor could make very good money on the crypto market in 2021, but it was also possible to lose, if not all, then a lot. What will happen in 2022? We’ll find out soon.



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