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Biodiesel is an alternative fuel for ships!

An alternative fuel test has been successfully completed in Montreal, Canada. The CSL, the shipping company there, used bio-fuel called ‘bio-fuel’ for only eight of the ships at its disposal. During the six-month test, 14,000 tons of petroleum was replaced by P100 biodiesel. This reduced the carbon dioxide emissions of CSL, the group’s eight ships, by 23 percent.

This environmental benefit has been confirmed by studies by the Government of Canada. Furthermore, the biodiesel used in this experiment was sourced from a waste oil recycling plant in North America.

Entrepreneurs buy and recycle used waste oils to make biodiesel. Companies such as CSL use it for their shipping. Similarly, if world governments implement a system that uses biodiesel for ships in their home countries, the global shipping industry’s carbon emissions will be reduced by 23 percent immediately. Will world governments and ship owners do this?

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