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Bikes often slip in the rain. Which is the best to avoid slipping, drum or disc brake?

Brakes play an important role in avoiding slipping in the rain.

Drum Brake vs Disc Brakes in Rain: As soon as the rainy season arrives, the risk of accidents on the roads increases, especially for bike riders. Wet roads become slippery, making it difficult to apply brakes and increasing the risk of slipping. In such a situation, the question arises whether drum brakes or disc brakes are better while riding a bike in the rain? In India, you get bikes with drum and disc brakes. Let us know which of these brake bikes will be the best in monsoon.

When we go to buy a bike, we get bikes with two types of brakes. One of these bikes comes with drum brakes, while the other has disc brakes. Some bikes have drum brakes and some have disc brakes. Disc brakes Both are available. These have disc brakes on the front wheel and drum brakes on the rear wheel. The more powerful bikes have disc brakes on both the front and rear.

How beneficial are disc brakes in the rain?

Drum brakes and disc brakes have their own advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about avoiding slipping in the rain, the performance of disc brakes is considered to be good. On wet and slippery roads, the open design of disc brakes removes water quickly from the braking area. This does not cause you any trouble in applying brakes.

Will drum brakes prevent skidding?

Drum brakes are not designed in such a way that they get affected by water. Its performance is not that good during the rainy season. You have to be cautious all the time on wet roads, and if you have to apply sudden brakes, drum brakes can take more time to stop the bike, which increases the risk of slipping and accidents.

Drum vs Disc: Which is better?

Disc brakes stop your bike faster. This allows you to control the bike better. The disc keeps rotating, and the water flows out, giving good performance in the rain. Disc brake bikes are more expensive than drum brakes. But if you want to travel safely in the rain, then it would be better to choose a disc brake bike.


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