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Bike Tips: If there is any fault in the chain of the bike then it becomes a problem, how should you take care, know the details

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Chain plays a very important role in a bike. If it gets damaged once due to carelessness, then it becomes very difficult to ride the bike. In this news, we are telling you in what easy ways the bike chain can be taken care of.

Do not use oil

Many people apply oil to the bike chain. By doing this, even if the sound coming from the chain stops for some time. But this causes damage to the chain in the long run. When the bike is ridden after applying oil, it gets dirty more quickly. Due to which the lifespan of the chain gets reduced.

use spray

Instead of applying oil on the chain of the bike, chain spray should be used. By doing this, the dirt on the chain is not only cleaned but it also creates a layer on the chain. Due to which dirt does not easily accumulate on the chain. By doing this the lifespan of the chain can be increased.

don’t tighten too much

Many times the chain becomes loose while riding a bike. In such a situation, tightening the chain excessively can also be harmful. Many times the chain breaks due to over tightening. Due to which there is trouble in the middle of the journey. Besides, the risk also increases. Therefore, if the chain is loose, it should be tightened as per need.

Cleaning is also important

After buying a bike, it is important not only to ride it but also to clean it. While cleaning the bike, the chain should also be cleaned. With this, the dirt on the chain is easily removed. For this it is better to use a chain brush. It is specially made to clean the chain.


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