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Bike Tips: If the bike stops during the journey, do not worry, do these three things, know everything

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Often people complete long journeys on their bikes. But many times, due to small carelessness, the bike stops in the middle of the journey. In this news we are telling you due to which three reasons this happens. Besides, we are also giving information about how this can be avoided.

there is trouble

If any kind of problem arises while traveling on a bike, it becomes difficult to reach the destination. Apart from this, both time and money are spent in getting the bike repaired. But if this happens in your bike too, instead of panicking, some things should be kept in mind.

clean air filter

If this never happens to you then definitely keep this in mind. Air passes to the engine of the vehicle through the air filter. The job of the air filter is to trap dust from the air and deliver clean air to the engine. Usually it is cleaned at the time of service. It can be changed if it gets too dirty, but you can also clean it yourself from time to time. By doing this the filter will not get choked and will deliver clean air to the engine with better efficiency. If the air filter of the bike is clean, the engine also works better.

clean spark plug

The air filter of the bike is clean but we pay less attention to the spark plug. Remove and clean the bike’s spark plug at regular intervals. Instead of going to a mechanic, you can do this at home also. The spark plug installed in the engine is tight. It can be easily removed by rotating it. After removing and cleaning, it can be put back in the same manner.

don’t ride the bike fast

Generally, if we are traveling long distances by bike then many people ride the bike at a constant speed. By doing this the engine of the bike gets heated and the bike stops. The bike does not start even after trying. If this ever happens to you too, don’t worry. Leave the bike switched off for some time and park it at a place. After stopping for about half to an hour, when the engine cools down completely, then start the journey again.



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