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Bike Tips: Don’t have to drag your bike on foot! These 5 things will tell you about clutch failure in advance

Bike Clutch: Bad clutch causes difficulty in riding the bike. Image Credit source: DALL.E AI/Mohd Jishan/TV9

Riding a bike also has its own fun. Before you go out riding, things like brakes and tire pressure should be checked. Apart from this, clutch is also a part which is very important for your bike. It plays a very important role while riding a bike. If the clutch gets damaged midway, the bike may have to be pulled. It is better that you find out in advance whether there is any fault in the clutch.

There are many things in the bike, which will help you to know about the clutch malfunction. By finding out the condition of your bike, you can know what is the condition of the clutch plate. If detected in time, you will be saved from the problem of clutch failure. clutch plate To find out if there is any problem, you will have to pay attention to some things.

These 5 signs will indicate clutch plate malfunction

Here we are telling you five points, which will reveal the fault of the clutch plate. Another convenience for bike owners is that it will reduce repair costs, because you will already know what to do with the clutch plate.

1. Low Mileage: In case of bad clutch plate, the first problem is with mileage. If your bike is giving low mileage then there may be a problem with the clutch plate. The clutch plate may slip, due to which the bike drinks more oil.

2. Clutch Slip: Clutch slipping is another sign of clutch plate failure. This happens when the engine rotation i.e. RPM increases even though the speed does not increase. This happens especially while changing gears. If this is the case then the clutch plate should be changed.

3. Pickup and Acceleration: If there is problem in acceleration or pickup of the bike, then there may also be a problem with the clutch plate. A bad clutch plate has a direct impact on the performance of the bike. Especially there is more problem in acceleration. If this happens the clutch plate should be replaced.

4. Vibration in gear lever: A special vibration in the gear lever should not be ignored. This can cause problems not only with the clutch plate but also with the entire clutch assembly. Such vibrations should be immediately addressed so that further damage does not occur to the bike.

5. Noise from clutch assembly: If there is a strange noise coming from the side of the engine, where the clutch assembly is, then be cautious. By paying attention to this sound in advance, you can avoid big trouble.

If you see the signs mentioned here, do not ignore them. bike mechanic Go to and get the clutch plate checked.


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