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Bike Tips: Bike will give best mileage, keep these things in mind while driving

Best Mileage Tips: Bike will give good mileageImage Credit source: Freepik

Bike, scooter or car, whenever we go to buy a new vehicle, the first thing we ask is, how much mileage does the bike give in one litre? Some people, after buying a bike, ride the motorcycle in such a way that they are not able to get proper mileage from the bike, due to which the burden of rising petrol prices falls directly on their pockets.

Today we are going to tell you some important but useful tips, by following which you can also increase your bike mileage. If you take care of the things mentioned below, your bike will always offer you good mileage.

timely service

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The first thing that you guys should keep in mind is that no matter what happens, always get the bike service done on time. By doing this one thing, you will get two benefits, firstly you will get good mileage and secondly the performance of your bike will also be good.

Wind also plays a big role

Whether there is less or more air in the tyres, in both the cases the bike is not able to give good mileage and there is a chance of the tires getting damaged soon. In such a situation, if you want good mileage from the bike, then keep checking the air in the tire from time to time and get the right amount of air put in it.

Right fuel is important

You will also think that fuel is available everywhere, then why this question? It is not so, next time while filling petrol, definitely check the density on the machine. The government has set density standards not only for petrol but also for diesel. According to the prescribed standard, the density of petrol should be 730 to 800 kilograms per cubic meter.

If someone is selling you petrol of lower density than the prescribed limit, then you should understand that your bike will also not give good mileage. In such a situation, for better mileage, fill petrol only after checking the density.


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