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Bike Care Tips: Why are there holes in the disc brakes of two wheelers, know how they provide safety

Work is being done all over the world to make vehicles safer. In such a situation, disc brakes are provided in two wheelers also to improve braking. In this news we are telling you why holes are given in the disc brakes found in two wheelers.

there is no design

The holes in the disc brake plate found in two-wheelers are not just for design. When brakes are applied suddenly while riding a bike or scooter, there is friction between the disc brake plate and the brake pad. The heat caused by friction is taken out through these holes. Due to which the disc plate remains cool and continues to work even when the brakes are applied continuously. Due to which the risk of accidents is significantly reduced.

get better control

Due to disc brakes, the balance of the bike and scooter also improves. Many times the bike or scooter is also ridden in such places where there is water, mud etc. In such a situation, soil starts accumulating on the drum brakes and due to water, the brakes are not able to function easily. In this situation disc brakes work better. Water keeps getting removed through the holes made in the disc brake plate and there is no problem in applying brakes, due to which it becomes very easy to control the bike or scooter.

The design is also better

The design of the bike also looks much better with the hole made on the disc brake plate. Apart from providing safety to the biker, it also improves the look of the bike. Disc brake bike or scooter looks better than drum brake bike or scooter.



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