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Bike Care Tips: If you travel on a bike in winter, then do these four things first, you will always be safe.

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It is cold in many states of the country. In many states the temperature has dropped significantly and fog is also falling. In such a situation, if you travel on a bike, then what four things can you keep in mind so that you can travel safely? We are giving you this information in this news.

It is important to show yourself on the street

If you want to travel safely by bike in foggy and winter weather, then you have to prepare many things before starting the journey. First of all, the lights and indicators of the bike should be checked. If these are bad then other vehicles moving on the road will not be able to detect your presence. Due to which the risk of an accident will also increase.

check battery

To start the bike, it is very important for the battery to work properly. Therefore, whenever you start a journey, first check the battery. If it works properly then you will never face any problem during the journey.

Checking of bike is necessary

Before starting the journey, it is better to check not only the battery and lights but also the bike properly. With this, you can get information about any defect before the journey and problems during the journey can be avoided. Therefore, the bike’s brakes, chain, petrol etc. should be checked.

prepare yourself like this

Traveling on a bike is quite challenging in winter. Being open, air comes from all sides. But if good quality gloves, jacket, helmet and shoes are worn then it becomes easier to ride the bike amidst cold and fog.

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