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Bike Care Tips: If you do this work while riding a bike, then there can be a big loss, know how to avoid

If you have a habit of riding a bike without pressing the clutch, then correct this habit soon. In this news, we are telling you what can be the harm by riding a bike without pressing the clutch.

permanent damage

Often people ride the bike without using the clutch while riding the bike. If the bike is run like this for a long time, then the risk of breaking of the clutch increases or there can be a major fault.

decrease in average

Whenever the clutch is not used to change the gear in the bike, the speed of the engine does not decrease but the gear changes. Doing this puts pressure on the engine and reduces the average.

gear gets stuck

If the bike is ridden without using the clutch, many times such a situation arises in the middle of the journey when the gear of the bike is neither up nor down. The gear in which the bike is in, the bike remains in the same gear, due to which there is difficulty in driving and in many cases the bike cannot even be moved.

There is a danger of breaking the chain

Changing the gear without pressing the clutch also has a bad effect on the chain of the bike. By doing this continuously, the chain of the bike also becomes weak and the risk of breaking while walking also increases. If the chain breaks while riding the bike, then there is a danger of an accident.


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