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Biggest Mobile Scam: 3 biggest scams of the mobile world in India, knowing that the whole world was stunned

New Delhi. India has emerged as a big player in the mobile world. World’s leading tech companies like Apple, Samsung are rapidly increasing their business in India. Along with this, India is becoming a big manufacturing hub of these mobile companies. India is the largest smartphone market in the world after China. This is the reason why India remains the favorite market of every smartphone or rather tech company in today’s time. But at one time there were big mobile frauds in India, due to which India’s image was tarnished in the world. Let us know about such a big scam in the world of mobile world, knowing which the whole world was stunned.

Freedom Mobile
6 years ago on 18 February 2016, the smartphone was claimed to be launched in India for Rs 251. The news of Noida-based company Ringing Belsane launching mobile at Rs 251 shocked the whole world. This was the time when a SIM card used to come for Rs 251. Big ministers of the central government attended the launch event of this phone and under the guise of this trust, Mohit Goyal imposed a fine of about Rs 1500 crore in the name of booking Freedom Mobile.

Aakash Tablet
Aakash Tablet was the dream project of the UPA government. The government claimed to provide Aakash tablet to every Indian for just Rs 1,130. This claim created a sensation all over the world at that time. The Aakash tablet was introduced by the Canadian company Datawind in the year 2011. But its launch continued to get delayed. Then when the tablet became available in the market, buyers were not found. In such a situation, in the year 2019, the company stopped making Aakash tablets. In the year 2013, the then Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal had said about Aakash tablet that our dream remained incomplete.

2G scam
India’s image in the world was tainted by the 2G spectrum scam. In fact, in the year 2010, the CAG submitted its report, in which it was claimed that in the year 2008, a big scam was carried out in the allocation of 2G spectrum. The government feared a loss of about Rs 76 thousand crore due to the 2G scam. In this scam, charges were framed against many people including former Union Minister A Raja. However, the Delhi High Court has acquitted former Telecom Minister A Raja and others in the 2G spectrum allocation scam case.

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