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Big update on Kia Cars | Kia has decided to increase the prices

Kia SUV Cars: Kia SUVs are highly popular in India, with both the Seltos and Sonet achieving high sales figures. If you’re considering purchasing any of these vehicles, be sure to read this news.

Kia has decided to increase the prices of its vehicles by 3%. The company has made this decision to offset the costs incurred in commodities and the supply chain. The increased prices will come into effect from April 1, 2024.

The prices of Kia cars will increase by the following amounts: This marks the first price hike of Kia cars in 2024. Consequently, the price of the Kia Seltos may rise by Rs 32,657, the Sonet by Rs 23,970, and the Carnival by Rs 31,347.

Kia issued a statement: An official statement has been released by Kia. Hardeep Singh Brar, Kia India’s Head of Sales and Marketing, stated that the company strives to provide premium and advanced products to its customers, delivering exceptional cars.

However, due to increases in commodity prices, exchange rates, and input costs, the company is compelled to raise car prices. The company intends to allocate a significant portion of the increased prices towards production, ultimately resulting in enhanced product delivery.

Impressive sales figures: Regarding Kia’s market share, while it may not be substantial, the company is selling a considerable number of cars. According to the FADA report, Kia sold 20,353 cars in February 2024, constituting 6.17% of total passenger cars sold. In comparison, in February 2023, the company sold 20,141 cars. Although the growth may seem modest, it signifies steady progress over the past year.


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