Monday, February 26, 2024

Big success in-Belarus: in 2023 the neighboring country collected 68 thousand. avto Geely, 52 тыс. of which were exported to Russia

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Photo: Geely

Prime Minister of Belarus Pyotr Parkhomchik told about the activities of the enterprise «BelDji», engaged in the production of Geely cars, in 2023. It turned out that at a power of about 60 thousand. 67,8 thousand cars were produced. machines, and about 80% were sent for export to Russia.


,Built a unique plant “Beldzhi”, which possesses certain technologies and competencies. Last year, about 68 thousand light cars were produced, 52 thousand of them were exported to Russia. This is a big success», — said Peter Parkhomchik.

Remember, last year Geely cars took four positions from top-5 in Belarus. But at the same time in the country Big queues are maintained for new cars,

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