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Big savings! See Airtel-Jio’s Best Plans Starting at Rs 119, Get OTT Benefits with Lots of Data

Nowadays telecom companies are offering many more affordable plans keeping in mind the needs of the customers. Vodafone ide, Relaince jio, BSNl, Airtel also offer discount plans to users. Of these, Airtel and Reliance Jio, two of the largest telecom operators in the country, offer their customers a long list of prepaid plans. These plans offer data, calls and other benefits at a price. Today we are talking about the cheapest and best selling plans of Airtel and Jio. Which offer many benefits at low cost. The cheapest plan on this list is Rs 119 and the most expensive plan is less than Rs 300. Find out which of the best plans of these companies is your work plan and also look at the benefits and price before buying the plan.

Plans that come with various benefits

The company offers customers some discounted plans that come with many different benefits. Which users can take advantage of. In addition, Jio offers some prepaid plans. 2 GB / Day which is priced at Rs.249 and Rs.299 with 23-day and 28-day validity respectively. Jio offers a prepaid plan priced at Rs 296. Which is similar to Airtel. Which offers 25 GB of data. But, offers unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS / day for 1 month validity. If you are a Jio user, you can save a lot by using these plans.

Geo’s cheapest plan

Geo’s Cheapest Plan: Geo offers many plans below Rs 299 compared to Airtel. Jio has a plan of Rs 149. The company has three 1 GB / day daily data prepaid plans priced at Rs 179 and Rs 209. Which come with 20-day, 24-day and 28-day validity respectively. Jio also offers four 1.5 GB daily data prepaid plans. They are priced at Rs 119, Rs 199, Rs 239 and Rs 259 and have 14-day, 23-day, 28-day and 1-month validity respectively.

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Rs 265 plan in the list

Rs 265 plan in the list: Also this list includes Rs 265 plan. Which offers 1 GB / day for a validity of 28 days. In addition, Airtel offers 1.5 GB of data per day for 28 days at a price of Rs 299. Telco also offers a prepaid plan of Rs 296. Which offers 25 GB of data for 28 days validity. All these plans come with free voice calls and 100 SMS / day as well as subscription to the mobile version of Amazon Prime Video, which is valid only. These plans can be the best for budget users.

Airtel’s Affordable Plans


Airtel’s Most Affordable Plans: Airtel’s cheapest prepaid plan is priced at Rs 155. Which offers users 1 GB of data for 24 days. Similarly, the company also offers a prepaid plan of Rs 179. Which offers 2 GB of data for 28 days validity. Airtel also has some abandoned plans with 1 GB / day data. Airtel offers prepaid plans at a price of Rs. Which provides 1 GB of data per day for a validity of 21 days. The next pack is a Rs 239 plan which offers 1 GB of data per day for a total validity of 24 days.




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