Friday, February 23, 2024

Big gift received before opening of Ram temple, air travel will be cheaper by ₹ 1000

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air travel will be cheaper

The country’s largest airline Indigo has made a big announcement. After this announcement, flight fares will become cheaper by Rs 1000. The reduction in flight fares has been announced by the company at a time when the country is waiting for the inauguration of Ram Temple. IndiGo is the first company to start flight service from Ayodhya Airport. Ram temple in Ayodhya is to be inaugurated on 22 January. The benefit of this reduction in fare will be visible during the wedding season also.

In fact, after the reduction in the prices of aviation fuel (ATF), Indigo announced to stop the ‘fuel charge’ levied on air travel tickets. The company announced this on Thursday, which will reduce air travel fares by up to Rs 1,000 in the coming days.

Was charging fuel charge

After the rise in the prices of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) across the country, Indigo started charging fuel charges along with the airfare from 6 October 2023. Depending on the distance, this fee ranged between Rs 300 to Rs 1,000. Now that ATF prices have come down, Indigo has removed the fuel charge from flight tickets. The company says that it is also focusing on expanding its operations, that is why it has removed the fuel charge on flight tickets from January 4.

This is what the fuel charge looked like

Till now Indigo was charging fuel on tickets based on distance. It was Rs 300 per passenger for up to 500 kilometers. Whereas for the distance of 501-1,000 kilometers this amount was Rs 400. Similarly, it was Rs 550 for 1,001-1,500 km, Rs 650 for 1,501-2,500 km and Rs 800 for 2,501-3,500 km. Apart from this, for 3,501 kilometers and above this amount was Rs 1,000. With the removal of fuel duty, the price of Indigo flight ticket will reduce by at least Rs 300 to Rs 1,000.

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