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Big flaw in Google’s smart speaker, your private talks are being heard

As much as there are benefits of smart home products, making your life easier, there are equally many dangers. The biggest threat with smart home products is privacy and security. The biggest danger lies with smart speakers. Google may make big claims about the security of its smart home speaker, but the truth is that for the last two years, a bug in the Google Home speaker is not being fixed.

Due to a bug in the Google Home speaker, your private conversations are also being heard. Researcher Matt Kunze has claimed that by taking advantage of a bug in the Google Home speaker, hackers can listen to your private conversations. Apart from listening to things, your smart home devices can be controlled by hacking the speaker and online shopping can also be done.

Bug alert was received only in 2021

Information about this bug of Google Home speaker has been given only in January 2021, after which Google said that the bug will be fixed by April 2021, but the bug has not been fixed yet. In such a situation, a hacker can make a dent in your privacy through the Google Home speaker and can also get access to the Google account.

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Hacking possible with device name and cloud ID

According to Kunze, hacking can happen with the help of device name, certification and cloud ID and this data can be obtained through local API. Hacker can send request link through google server. The hacker can also spy on you through the speaker and can also make HTTP requests. The hacker can remotely control the call command. Once gained access, the hacker can also lock the door of your house and change the PIN of the smart lock.


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