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Big cyber attack on Russia, Ukraine got the support of hackers group in the war; See details

New Delhi: Russia And Ukraine has been at war for a long time, with hundreds of people killed on the first day of the war. Russia has been blamed for a series of cyber attacks on Ukraine. Now of the hackers Anonymous The group has launched a cyber war against Russia. Reports claim that many Russian government websites have been targeted and shut down. The group’s social media account claims that Anonymous has launched a cyber-war against the Russian government. Russia’s military action in Ukraine has also targeted dozens of Russian websites.

According to reports, Russian government websites, Ministry of Defense sites are down after the cyber attack. Some websites have slowed down, while others have been taken offline. “We are a legion,” tweeted a Twitter account belonging to the group. Those who lost their lives under Putin will not be forgotten. Another account tweeted that Putin’s time was up. It will take a long time to recover from this attack. Meanwhile Anonymous Hackers The group is trying to retaliate by launching a cyber attack on Russia.

Being a decentralized collective, Anonymous Group has no great leadership. Even before this group Cyber ​​attack Are done. The anonymous hackers group has previously targeted US government websites, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Westboro Baptist Church, ISIS, the Church of Scientology and the Epilepsy Foundation. The Anonymous Group claims that they work to protect privacy.

Russia, meanwhile, has been hit by a series of cyber attacks on Ukraine. Hundreds of computers in Ukraine are being targeted. Dangerous Wiper malware is being used for this. Data stored in any system can be permanently deleted by Wiper malware. That is, data recovery is not possible again. Several Ukrainian government websites have been hacked. Unlike other public malware, it is not used to steal money or control the system. The purpose of wiper malware is to completely destroy the system.


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