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Big changes in gas cylinder, toll tax and UPI from tomorrow, your pocket will be directly affected

Rules Changing From 1st May: A new month is going to start from tomorrow, like every month, some rules are going to change even before the month of May. From gas cylinders to toll tax and UPI, there are going to be many changes, which will have a direct impact on your pocket. Apart from this, if the banks are also closed at the beginning of the month, then all the customers should make plans only after looking at the banking holidays. Let us tell you which rules are going to change-

Recovery will be done on this toll tax
Toll tax will also be collected on Purvanchal Expressway going from Lucknow to Ghazipur by the Central Government from 1st day. It is a 340 km long expressway. From now on, those traveling on this expressway will have to spend more money, that is, their journey will become expensive. The rate of toll tax collection can be Rs 2.45 per kilometer.

Gas cylinder can be expensive
Government oil companies review the prices of gas cylinders on the first of every month. On May 1 also, the prices of gas cylinders will be revised, in which it is decided whether the prices will be increased or cut. Last month, the prices of gas cylinders were increased by Rs 50. It is believed that this time also the prices may increase.

increased limit
Apart from this, if you invest in IPO, then there is important news for you. Let us tell you that if retail investors invest a lot of money in IPO through UPI, then a big change is going to happen from May 1. Let us tell you that till now retail investors could invest Rs 2 lakh in IPO through UPI, but from May 1, it has been decided to increase its limit to 5 lakh.

Banks will remain closed for several consecutive days
Apart from this, in the beginning of May, there will be no work in banks for 3 consecutive days. Banks will remain closed in many cities at the beginning of the month of May i.e. on 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Apart from this, there is a bank holiday for a total of 13 days in the month of May. Let us tell you that due to Labor Day and Sunday on May 1, banks across the country will be closed. Apart from this, Lord Shri Parshuram Jayanti is on 2nd May, due to which there will be no work in banks. Also on 3 May Eid Because of this, banks will remain closed in most of the cities.

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