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Big change in OLA app, now no one will ask where to go? How do you pay? Learn

When booking a ride through the OLA app, the driver is often asked, “Where do you want to go?”, Is the payment mode online or cash? When you answer, if the driver does not want your ride, he will cancel the ride several times. Then you have to book the ride again and face the problem. But this will not happen to you now. Because OLA has made a number of changes to its app. This will give the driver all the information before booking the ride.

All the answers will be given before accepting the ride.
Ola has stated that after the changes made in the OLA app, the driver will get all the information about the drop location and payment cash before accepting the ride or online. Only then will the driver accept your ride.

Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal shared this information in a tweet on Tuesday. In it, he wrote that the cancellation of the ride by the driver had become a major problem of this mobile app based business. The company has now fixed this problem.

Passengers may be affected.
Changes in the wet app may cause problems for passengers. For example, if the driver has a problem with the passenger’s payment option, he will not accept the ride.

In such a situation, it may take a long time for the passenger to find his ride. At the same time, drivers may not accept your ride, regardless of your drop location.

Ola may also suffer
if these new changes take longer for passengers to book their ride, so passengers can try other cab services at that time. In such a scenario, Ola may also lose a large number of customers.

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