Monday, March 4, 2024

Big blow to Samsung users, the company is stopping this special service from March 1, know the options.

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Google Assistant will no longer be available on Samsung smart TVs from March 1, 2024.
The list also includes all 2022 Smart TV models, all 2021 Smart TV models.
Many voice assistant options including the company’s voice assistant are pre-installed in Samsung TV.

Samsung has given a big shock to its TV users. The company has announced the removal of special features from its selected smart TVs. Due to Samsung’s recent policy change, Samsung has announced that Google Assistant will no longer be available on its smart TVs from March 1, 2024. Samsung has given information about those TV models from which access to Google Assistant will be removed.

The list includes all 2022 Smart TV models, all 2021 Smart TV models, 2020 8K and 4K QLED TVs, 2020 Crystal UHD TVs, and 2020 lifestyle TVs like the Frame, Serif, Terrace, and Sero. With the announcement of removing Google Assistant, Samsung has asked users to find some other option for voice assistant on their smart TV.

The good thing is that Samsung TVs come pre-installed with many voice assistant options, including the company’s Voice Assistant, and it also has Bixby as well as Amazon Alexa. Users will have both Bixby and Amazon Alexa options, so they can choose whichever option is available as per their convenience.

However, those who like Google Assistant will regret that this feature is being removed from the TV. There are many special things in Google Assistant. It is linked to the users’ Google account and tells them about past time data and answers based on Google search.

Apart from this, let us tell you that in a recent report related to Google Assistant, it was told that 17 features have been removed from Google Assistant. It has been learned that from January 26, many features will no longer work on Google Assistant. The company had informed that this change has been made to improve the quality of Google Assistant.

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