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Big blow to Apple! The sale of iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 is banned in this country

New Delhi:iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 ban: Tech giant Apple has suffered a major blow. Apple’s popular handsets iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have been banned. This ban has been imposed in Columbia. That means the company will no longer be able to sell its iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 handsets in Colombia. A Bogota court in Colombia has ruled in his favor. According to the ruling, Apple will not be able to sell any of the devices that come with 5G connectivity in Colombia, such as the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPad models that come with 5G connectivity.

The company was accused of patent theft. The court has since issued the order. A lawsuit was filed against Apple in Bogota in April over the theft of 5G hardware essential patents. According to the report, Ericsson was granted a patent for 5G Standard Essentials in 2019, which will be valid until December 2037. Apple has recognized the validity of the patent. But, licensing is much more. Meanwhile, Apple will no longer be able to import new stock of this product after the ban. Also, it cannot be advertised. Even stocks that are already available cannot be sold.

In addition, the court has also imposed anti-antiseptic injections. This means the company cannot appeal to other courts to have the ban lifted. Apple had told the court that the 5G network had not yet been launched in the country. Therefore, this component has not been used yet. On this, the court has said that the trial of 5G will take place soon. So this technology will be used and this is a patent infringement. Meanwhile, Apple will soon launch the iPhone 14 in the global market. In such cases, the company’s device is banned. So this is definitely a big blow to the company.

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