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BH Number Plate: Without these documents you will not get Bharat Series Number, apply for your vehicle

These documents are necessary for BH series number plate.Image Credit source: MoRTH

Bharat series number plate, also known as BH series, is a special registration number plate for people who work across the country and change states frequently. This number plate allows you to drive your vehicle throughout India. If your vehicle has a BH series number plate, there will be no need for re-registration if you shift to another state. You can drive anywhere in the country without any fear.

India is a big country, and people keep moving from one state to another for work. It is necessary to re-register the vehicle within 12 months of shifting to another state. This is a big problem for those people who keep shifting from one state to another. If they do not register the vehicle in the new state then if they are caught traffic police Can invoice.

Eligibility for BH Series Number Plate

In the case of BH series number plate, it is important to pay attention to one thing. Not everyone gets this number plate. For this, some conditions have to be fulfilled, only then you can get BH series number plate for your vehicle.

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Only these persons get BH number plate-

  • State and Central Government Employees
  • defense sector personnel
  • Bank employee
  • administrative service staff
  • Employees of private firms with offices in more than four states or union territories

BH Series: Important documents

List of documents required to apply for and purchase BH series registration plates.

  • PAN card
  • Official ID Card (PSU or Government Employee ID Card, as applicable)
  • Aadhar card
  • Form 60 (for individuals working in private sector)
  • Company’s GST Certificate

BH Series: Apply online like this

How to apply online for BH number plate-

  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) vehicle portal log onto.
  • Click on the Vehicle Registration tab.
  • Select the name of your state/union territory.
  • Click on Apply For New Registration tab.
  • After this select Bharat Series from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter vehicle registration details, such as your name, address, vehicle model, chassis, engine, etc.
  • Upload the required documents for ID proof and address proof.
  • Deposit the registration fee.
  • After depositing the fees, an acknowledgment slip will be issued, which will have a unique application number.

RTO will verify your application, eligibility and documents. If everything goes well then you BH series Number plate will be available.


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