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BGMI banned another 40 thousand accounts, were cheating in the game

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) developer Crafton has announced that it has permanently banned over 40,000 accounts from April 11 to April 17. It is worth noting that this South Korean developer takes action every week against users who cheat in the game. A permanent ban is imposed on players who use illegal programs to gain an unfair advantage in the game. These users will no longer be able to join this game again. Recently, Crafton has also released a new patch for this battle royale game, which aims to fix several issues affecting the multiplayer experience.

Crafton official BGMI on your website Post It has been told that it has permanently banned 41,898 fraudulent accounts between April 11 and April 17. Banned accounts complete List has also been given. Earlier, the developer had banned 49,327 BGMI accounts between April 4 and April 10.

In addition, Crafton has released a new update for BGMI. It has fixed many bugs and other glitches in the game. According to the patch notes released by the developer, a glitch that allowed players to increase their speed on Nimbus Island has been fixed. It also resolved the issue that players were preventing other players from using sensitivity codes. Sensitivity codes include custom sensitivity settings for the camera, Aim Down Sight (ADS) and gyroscope. These can be shared with other players. Additionally, players using the Merry Tidings – UZI Weapon skin will no longer be faced with the issue that caused them to have trouble viewing the scope of the weapon in the game.

The Lamborghini crate has also been fixed. These include the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde Alsoo and Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde. The maximum speed of these supercars will now be the same as that of the cars in the Lamborghini skin.

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