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Beware of these messages ’50 thousand rent will be available for installing a mobile tower’, it will not take thick lime

New Delhi. After the change in technology, the spirits of hackers have also increased. Hackers are stealing money from people’s accounts in new ways. Today we are going to tell you about a new scam which is very much discussed these days. Along with this, hackers are getting all the details of their account by luring people. Now the easiest way to lure them is with Mobile Tower.

For some time, a message is circulating on the mobile phones of people. In this, he is told that the telecom company has chosen his house to install a mobile tower. They will also be given rent every month in lieu of installing mobile towers. That is, they will be given rent up to 50 thousand rupees every month. That too instead of just installing a mobile tower.. Only then a link is also given in the message coming on the mobile phone.

Once the link is clicked, a new page gets opened in the mobile phone. On the same page, you are asked for name, email, phone number and bank account information. Once all the information is entered, OTP is sent to the mobile phone and email. Here you are asked OTP in the name of confirming the address. You have to face huge loss as soon as you tell OTP. That is, there is bound to be an economic loss.

The best thing is that whenever such messages come on your phone, you should be alerted immediately. Telecom companies never send a message to the mobile number about where they have to install the tower. For this, the company first sees the entire area, after which it takes a decision. Usually, in a hurry, we forget to ignore such messages and also give all our personal information in greed which should not usually be given.

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