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Beware of the new call forwarding scam, otherwise you will have to help someone in a public place.


People are being duped by new call forwarding scam
In this scam, the thugs even return your phone after taking it.
Avoid giving your phone to anyone in public places

New Delhi. Cyber ​​criminals keep trying to cheat and rob people in new ways. Smartphones have become an important part of people’s lives. Whether making payment or ordering food, everything happens here. Even bank accounts are linked to the mobile number and access to banking apps is also through the phone. In such a situation, now a new scam with call-forwarding has come in the market. Some creators have given this information on social media.

Actually, this scam of cheating is happening in public places. In this thugs come to you and say that their phone is left at home or lost, so they have to call a relative. On this he will take the phone from you and dial the number. But, the phone will switch off. Then the thug will dial the phone on the second number and the second number will also be switched off. After this, the thug will give you back the phone and say thank you for helping.

Money will disappear from the account

After this, after about 1 or half an hour, you will start getting messages that money has started disappearing from your account. Actually, this is the call forwarding scam. It happens that when that thug dials the number for the second time. Then he dials the number with *21* or *401* avoiding your sight. This starts call forwarding.

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OTP starts getting:

After the call forwarding starts, thugs start withdrawing money from your account by accessing OTP. Because, when OTPs are told through calls, they start getting to the thugs. In such a situation, stay away from such scams and avoid giving your phone to any unknown person in public places. If you really want to help someone, then dial the number with your own hands.


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