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Beware: Google’s new policy will fall on these apps, do you also use this app

Google has reportedly updated the Play Store policy for developers. The new Play Store policies specifically target misinformation, false identities and in-app ads. After the introduction of this policy, many malicious apps will be affected. In its new policy to deal with various vulnerabilities, Google has also focused on improving the app experience and user safety.

Google has geared up to prank the developers of those apps on its Play Store, which harass or harm the users in some way or the other. of Gadgets Now according The company has issued a new policy for its Android operating system’s store, which directly targets copycat apps. This means that unauthorized apps will no longer be able to use the national emblem and logo of government organizations.

Furthermore, the report says that inappropriate developers will also not be allowed to use company logos or pictures of an artist or TV show. Often apps take the help of their pictures to prove themselves associated with these people or institutions. This policy will be implemented from August 31.

Regarding this policy, Google says that, “We do not allow apps that mislead users by disguising themselves as someone else (for example, another developer, company, entity) or any other app.”

In addition, the report says that Google may ban apps that provide information contrary to professional health advice. So, apps

Another policy, effective September 30, targets full-screen in-app ads. Povice will ask developers to turn off full-screen ads after 15 seconds. However, opt-in ads, the ads you see to earn rewards, can exceed the 15-second time limit.

Google will block apps from using Android’s in-built VPN service to collect user data and ad fraud, and this new policy may also affect DuckDuckGo’s “App Tracking Protection” feature.

The new policy aims to make it easier for users to cancel subscriptions from within the app, effective September 30, 2022. Lastly, all legitimate monitoring apps will need to have the ‘IsMonitoringTool’ flag by November 1, 2022, and the functionality to be disclosed in the Play Store.


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