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Bestach! Users can repair smartphones themselves, company launches self-repair program

New Delhi: Google Users will now be able to repair their phones at home. Google has teamed up with iFixit, an online repair community, for its genuine Pixel parts program. It will provide genuine Pixel smartphone spare parts with a step by step phone repair guide. For Pixel 2 Pixel 6 Pro The Future Pixel model will be available for purchase on ifixit.com in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and EU countries later this year. According to a Google blog post, a full range of spare parts for general pixel phone repair, including batteries, replacement displays, cameras, etc., will be available in person or in the iFixit fix kit. This kit will include tools such as screw driver bits. Countries where Pixel phones are available. There, Google is offering repairs through authorized technical experts.

It can be found in all pixel repair kits:

The complete set of tools in the Pixel Repair Kit includes iOpener, replacement pre-cut adhesive, iFixit opening pix (set of six), iFixit opening tool, suction handle, angle tweezers, integrated SIM eject tool and much more. Includes exact bit drivers suitable for specific pixel phones and 4mm accurate bits. Step by step Google Pixel phone repair guides are live for each Pixel via Pixel 5.

The company has also introduced the Chromebook repair program:

Google has already partnered with companies such as Acer and Lenovo for the Chromebook Repair Program, which “helps schools find information about repairable Chromebooks and develop home repair programs.” Technology giant Chrome OS Flex has also been introduced. This allows education and enterprise users to reuse old Mac or Windows machines to run Chrome OS Edition with their Chromebooks.

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