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Best Saving Tips: 50 thousand rupees will come every month sitting at home, open this special account in your name today

Best Saving Tips: Everyone wants to get good returns on their savings. But for this you need to work intelligently. Best return on savings gives you a good feeling. Before making any kind of investment, it is important that you get complete information about the returns you will get from it in the future. Perhaps you will also have the same plan that after one age the invested money can be of maximum use to you and your family.

It is necessary to have a fund of 1.2 crores,
if you need 50 thousand rupees for expenses every month in the midst of rapidly rising inflation, then start investing soon. It is a good thing if you have already started investing. At present, the average annual interest rate of banks is around 5 percent. In such a situation, for an interest of Rs 50 thousand every month, you should have a fund of at least 1.2 crores. You will get 50 thousand interest every month on this fund.

You have to do SIP of Rs 3500 every month,
suppose you are 30 years old now. At this time, start a SIP of Rs 3500 a month in your name. In the current round of SIPs, you are expected to get an annual return of at least 12%. By doing a SIP of Rs 3500 (Rs 42 thousand annually) every month for 30 years, you invest 12.60 lakhs in this period. If you get a return of 12 percent annually on this investment, then on completion of 30 years, you will have a fund of 1.23 crores ready.

18 to 20 percent return on these funds
If you calculate the interest at the rate of 5 percent per annum, on a fund of 1.23 crores, then it is Rs 6.15 lakh annually. In this way, you will easily get an income of 50 thousand rupees every month. Let us tell you that SBI Small Cap Mutual Fund has given returns of up to 20 percent in the last few years. Apart from this, Nippon India Small Cap Mutual Fund Scheme has given a return of 18.14 percent.

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(Disclaimer  : Please consult experts before making any kind of investment. digitnews does not advise you for any kind of investment.)


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