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Best Garena Free Fire Max Gloo Wall Tricks To Rank Up Check Here All Details

Players need the right strategy to use the glue wall in Free Fire Max. Read this article if you want to be a master at glue wall. Here are the tips for using it.
There are many cosmetic items available in Free Fire MAX . It also includes Gloo Wall. Players use glue walls to make their game fun. However, glue walls have an advantage only if players use them well. If you want to make good use of glue wall, read this article. Today in this article we are going to tell some such tips, with the help of which you can make the glue wall more useful. 

Follow These Tips to Glue Walls in Free Fire MAX

360° Glue Wall Trick 

The 360° Glue Wall Trick is one of the most widely used glue wall tricks in Free Fire Max . With the help of this trick, players can put glue walls around them. This will help them a lot to avoid enemies. Players must rotate the drag button and analog button to apply the glue wall in 360° movement around them. 

quick glue wall trick

The best tricks for high ranking gameplay also include the quick glue wall trick. It is very useful to protect from sudden attack of enemies. With this trick, players quickly apply glue walls to the side of the attack.

Players need to have a good set of sensitive settings in Free Fire Max to apply this glue wall trick . Players can also quickly change their position by pressing the analog and glue wall grenade buttons.

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Sit-Up Glue Wall Trick

The sit-up glue wall trick is used by many professionals. This is the best trick used among them. It’s not hard to learn. Players can easily learn this trick. They don’t need a lot of glue wall grenades to use it. Players can use this trick to get to safe areas by dodging their enemies.

This trick is very simple to block headshot attacks from enemies. To apply it, gamers need a finger movement, in which they need to press the Glue Wall Grenade button and the Crunch button simultaneously to keep the Glue Wall on the ground. By using these tricks, players can use the glue wall well.


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