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Best eBooks of 2022: DgitNews Choice

BEST EBOOKS OF 2022: DgitNews Choice

During the New Year and Christmas time, I especially want miracles, magic and fairy tales. All of this can be found in books. The reader will be a good gift for reading lovers, students and schoolchildren, and some models are suitable for engineers, artists and musicians. We have compiled a rating of the best readers of 2021 so that you can please yourself, your friends and loved ones with a practical gift.


The ONYX BOOX Faust 4 book supports a wide variety of file formats. You can read or listen to books, work with documents, or flip through comics and magazines. The built-in dictionary-translator will help you when reading in foreign languages. 

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The new generation of Carta Plus e-ink guarantees high contrast and white color of the page itself, so that your eyes will be comfortable when reading. The brightness of the backlight, developed with MOON Light 2 technology , can be adjusted to suit the ambient light conditions. Regardless of the brightness, the color temperature is adjusted: warmer or colder backlight.

Increased in comparison with previous models up to 1 GB of RAM ensures fast work of the book. The book also has a large battery: with an average load, it can last for about a month without recharging. The built-in memory (8 GB) can be expanded with a microSD card. The combination of the touch screen and mechanical buttons for paging makes the work with the book convenient and comfortable.

Amazon Kindle 10

A relatively inexpensive (price of 8,400 rubles) e-book from Amazon is convenient to take with you due to its compact size. The model is available in two colors: black and white. 

The reader works under the control of a simple and user-friendly Linux operating system . Its manufacturers constantly release updates for the OS, fixing bugs and errors, if any. Books downloaded wirelessly or via USB can be sorted by author, title or collection. In the reading preferences, there are preferences for changing the font and displaying the page. There is a special mode for people with poor eyesight. 

A smart reader is able to analyze how fast you read. Based on this, she will predict how much time is left until the end of the book. And on the Amazon site, they offer to create a general account that will allow you to use the library not only for you, but also, for example, your family members. 

Note that this model, like all readers from Amazon , does not support the popular EPUB and FB2 e-book formats – they will have to be converted to MOBI. 

PocketBook 633 Color Global

The first reader of the well-known PocketBook brand , which is equipped with a color display based on E-Ink Kaleido electronic ink technology. We talked about this and other types of screens in more detail in a separate article . 

The e-book allows not only to read ordinary black and white text, but also to watch color illustrations or work with graphs. At the same time, its price is not much higher (15,400 rubles without discounts, 13,700 for a promotion) than that of black-and-white counterparts. Compact dimensions (108x161x8 millimeters) and low weight (160 grams) make it a convenient companion for all reading lovers. 

Thanks to the color screen, this book can be used to read children’s books with many illustrations. It will be a wonderful gift for a child, who will certainly be more interested in looking at pictures in the original color. 

The reader supports many file formats. The screen of the book does not glare and does not lose brightness even in direct sunlight. And in low light conditions, the backlight will help, which is easy to set up yourself.


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The most inexpensive model in our rating of e-books: at the moment its price is 6400 r

ubles. Despite the relatively low cost, the reader has everything you need for comfortable and long-term reading. Convenient format – six inches, capacious battery – 1500 mAh, built-in backlight. The book reads most of the popular file formats. Using 4 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded with microSD, microSDHC cards , you can download many books and documents

DIGMA R63W is a good option for those who want to get a convenient and reliable reader without overpaying for the brand. The body of the book is made in a classic white color.

ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2

The e-reader, working with the Android 10.0 operating system, will make it possible to use many applications, including third-party ones. The reader has a very large battery (3150 mAh), which allows it to work for a long time without recharging. The diagonal of the screen is 7.8 inches and the high resolution of 1872×1404 pixels makes it possible not only to read books, but also to work with documents containing diagrams and graphs. Your eyes won’t feel discomfort when reading PDFs and even scanned documents. 

The book does not have a slot for a memory card, but the built-in 32 GB is enough for a large number of files. The ONYX BOOX Kon-Tiki 2 reader is characterized by high speed and stability of work even with the most difficult documents thanks to an 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. 

The reader has a very convenient option for those who have to read, for example, technical literature – split screen and two-page mode (split view / split screen). This function will be useful for those who want to read books and open pages on the Internet at the same time. You can also customize the font, backlight and display refresh rate yourself.

PocketBook 740 Color

Another representative of the new, “colored” generation. Unlike the “younger” sister, PocketBook 740 Color no longer only has a diagonal (7.8 inches), but also a resolution, RAM and battery capacity. With this reader, you can read almost everything from comics to office reports with complex graphs. The built-in memory of 16 GB can be expanded using microSD or microSDHC cards.

If you do not have the opportunity or time to read the text, then you can use the text-to-speech function – then the book itself will sound the selected work.

Readers with color electronic ink, although they do not reach the brightness and saturation of the picture for tablets and phones, where completely different technologies are used to create displays, but they are much safer for the user’s eyes. Such a book will be the perfect gift for any reading lover, both adult and child.

PocketBook X

And last but not least on our list are two large screen readers. PocketBook X display diagonal is 10.3 inches – it is based on E Ink Mobius technology. This is a variant of the most current generation of electronic ink E Ink Carta, designed for readers with a larger screen size. Its main feature is that instead of glass, plastic is used for the substrate. This is to reduce the weight of the book and the fragility of its screen.

The very name PocketBook X hints at the size of the device. The “X” in the name of the book is not “X”, but the Roman numeral ten, as a reference to the diagonal of the display. On such a screen, you can read everything: small print in comics, footnotes or formulas, scans, documents in PDF. Books of this size may well be used instead of a collection of music. The high resolution of the screen – 1872×1404 pixels – contributes to the convenience of reading. In fact, you won’t see much of a difference when you read text from such a screen or on paper.

For greater resistance to damage, when creating the book case, not only plastic is used, but also a magnesium-aluminum alloy. A frame is made of it, going along the perimeter of the entire body. The back of the device has a grooved coating, which makes the book much less likely to slip out of your hands.

Although PocketBook X is a very large device, it uses up battery power quite economically. This is facilitated by the Linux operating system, which is not greedy for energy, and the fact that when reading text, readers spend their power only at the moment of turning pages: more text fits on a large screen, which means that you have to flip less often. For charging, the new product uses a modern USB Type-C interface .

The price of the reader, although relatively high, is still much lower than that of other models of the same format – 29,400 rubles.


The ONYX BOOX Note 3 book runs on Android 10.0 OS, which allows the user to reprogram the device to their liking. The device with a 10.3-inch screen differs from the model of the same format discussed above not only in price (54,900 rubles), but also in many technical characteristics. 

The book has a SNOW Field function , thanks to which the number of artifacts when turning pages is minimized. When working with it, you can use the stylus that comes with the kit. The inductive and capacitive touchscreen is sensitive to pressure. On the screen, you can draw or take notes in the margins of books: the reader will replace the diary. The top of the screen is covered with a protective glass ASAHI , developed in Japan . A powerful 8-core processor and 4 GB of RAM guarantee high-speed work even with the most difficult documents. To protect user data, the model is equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Among all the readers from our review, ONYX BOOX Note 3 has the largest battery capacity – 4300 mAh. Despite the display diagonal, on a single charge the device will be able to work autonomously for as long as more compact versions.


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