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Best Budget Smartphones November 2021 (Gray Market)

If you have recently chosen a smartphone for yourself

… But look at the prices in the tables and think, “What the fuck? Why is it so expensive? ”, Then keep in mind that since the spring of 2021, traders (both domestic and those who deliver from China) began to smoothly rewrite prices upward. So smoothly that from March to November the same mobile phone began to cost 2000-3500 rubles more than it was before.

True, the “fat” mainly affected smartphones, which used to cost 10+ thousand. Now this means that where the territory of models with Full HD + displays has already begun, today you sometimes have to eat HD +, and where previously there were 128 GB models on the shelves, now they offer 64 GB and that’s it.

This happened not with all smartphones in general, but somewhere with 75% of them, just do not be surprised at the current prices, I myself am not happy with these prices and have collected the minimum ones (you will find it cheaper – throw links in the comments, readers will be grateful).

And now, after all this graphomania, let’s move on to specific recommendations:

The best cheap smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi 9A или Realme C11

Previously, I myself did not believe in this, but there are women who choose their husbands according to the criteria “if he doesn’t hit, he isn’t walking and not drunk, then it’s suitable – and thanks for that”. Smartphones with a minimum budget will have to be chosen in a similar way: the autonomy is good, the screen is of normal and not “addictive” quality, the processor is more or less “dragging” – and okay. And these your fingerprint scanners, payment via NFC and excess RAM so that something other than VK and WhatsApp is kept in touch – for other money.

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