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Best Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Google smartphones of 2021 compared for camera quality

  1. Dill… When cropped, details are best preserved in the photo taken with the Pixel. Indeed, the algorithms here do an excellent job with this task.
  1. Zoom Objectives… The first place went to the iPhone. It has a 3x zoom, which, according to the expert, is quite difficult to use.
  1. Ultra wide angle camera… But according to this criterion, it is impossible to name a leader unambiguously, as Ivan noted. According to viewers, however, Samsung wins by a small margin.
  1. Photo in the dark… Viewers here have chosen the iPhone as the winner. But in general, the best with low-light photos are obtained on the Pixel.
  1. Night shooting… Two types of photographs were compared here. However, the viewers identified different devices as leaders in each case. In the first it was Xiaomi, and in the second it was Pixel. But, according to the presenter, the second photo turned out better on the iPhone.

The iPhone 13 Pro is the leader in photo quality, followed by the Pixel 6 Pro, and the third by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As for video shooting, three videos were compared here. They evaluated color rendition, microphone operation, stabilization, shooting at night.

  1. Color rendition and microphone performance… All four models made the video different. The Pixel surprised Ivan Luchkov: the quality of the shooting turned out to be worse than the others. Other smartphones showed results at about the same level.
  1. Stabilization… The Xiaomi handles the running shots as well as the Pixel. Samsung turned out to be a little worse. But the iPhone’s stabilization did not work at all, although the video was better in detail than the others.
  1. Night shooting… According to this criterion, there were no winners at all: all the devices coped with the task poorly.
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