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Bentley to launch an electric car every year

Luxury car maker Bentley has said that it will make a new electric model every year for five years from the year 2025. The company has made a profit of 389 million euros (approximately Rs 3,261 crore) in 2021. The company’s delivery has also registered an increase of 31 percent as compared to 2020. Car companies around the world are making efforts to shift to electric vehicles. Due to being environmentally friendly, the demand for electric cars has increased worldwide. Bentley is increasing its investment in electric cars to compete with Tesla in Europe.

According to a report by Reuters, the company has also set a target to be completely carbon-neutral by the year 2030. The company has set an investment of 3 billion euros (about Rs 25,154 crore) over the next 10 years in the Crewe plant in England. Jan-Heinrich LaFrantz, member of the Finance and IT Board at Bentley, said the new investment in the factory will serve to become the benchmark in hybrid models as well.

The craze and demand for Electric Vehicles (EV) is increasing all over the world. In India too, due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, people are turning to electric vehicles. Recently, a report suggested that first-time electric vehicle buyers were reluctant to switch to gasoline-powered cars.

This was revealed in the report of JD Power. This is the situation when the question remains regarding the existence of charging infrastructure. The craze of electric vehicles among people can be gauged from the fact that EV sales in the US reached a record high with 4 lakh 34 thousand 879 new units at the beginning of this year. However, the demand for hybrid vehicles remained strong as many customers could not afford to buy electric vehicles due to high cost, limited driving range and lack of charging stations.

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The study revealed that Tesla’s ‘Model 3’ tops the premium BEV segment with a score of 777. At the same time, Kia Niro EV topped the mass market BEV segment for the second year in a row. This car has got 744 score.



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