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Belarus recognizes two sets of stickers from Telegram as extremist

The court of the Central District of Minsk recognized two sets of stickers for Telegram as extremist materials. This was reported in the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus. They are called “Luka” and “Sasha 3%”.

These sticker packs have already been included in the list of prohibited materials, and this happened for the first time in the history of the messenger. However, a number of channels and chats in Telegtam have already been added to this list. Subscribing to them is interpreted as participation in an extremist community and is punishable by law. According to article 361-1 of the Criminal Code of Belarus, for this you can go to jail for up to 6 years.

In addition, the list of extremist materials includes books, printed and electronic publications, websites and individual pages on social networks, as well as symbols and other data.

At the same time, an entire company and two social networks at once were recognized as extremist in Russia. But they still have ads. in demand.

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