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Before you throw away an old, unused feature phone at home, know its ‘these’ benefits.

New Delhi: A few years ago, smartphones were not so popular. At that time only feature phones were very trending in the market and people used to buy them in bulk. The special thing is that the price of a feature phone was the same as the price of a smartphone at that time. Consumers had no other choice as smartphones did not hit the market. In feature phones, in addition to calling and messaging, users can play games or use GPRS. But, there was nothing more that could be done. Times changed and with the advent of smartphones in the course of time, then people stopped buying these feature phones and gradually their sales dropped completely. But, this feature phone was good in many respects, which we will tell you about today. If you have a feature phone in any corner of your home, reuse it without throwing it away. See tips.

Can be used as an alternative phone: You may have children or adults in your home who may not be able to use a smartphone but need a phone. So, you can give them a feature phone. So that calling and messaging can be done easily. You can carry this phone with you if you want, the reason being that smartphone batteries use up very fast and many times the smartphone discharges quickly. If you have a feature phone then you can call with its help. They are small in size. So they are very easy to carry. Also, they run for a week once charged. So they don’t need to be charged again.

No network problems: Users are always complaining that there is no network in the phone. If your smartphone has a network problem, you should use a feature phone. The network in the feature phone is very good and there are no problems between calling and messaging. So if you are constantly traveling for work and you have to call a lot during the day, then definitely keep a feature phone nearby. So that you can make easy calls and there will be no interruption in your calling.


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