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Before taking new Fastag, switch off Paytm Fastag like this

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Paytm Fastag Close: Close Fastag like thisImage Credit source: Symbolic photo

After RBI tightened its grip on Paytm, the only question that is roaming in your mind is what will happen to Paytm FasTag now? After February 29, you will neither be able to recharge Paytm Fastag nor withdraw money from Fastag. If you also think that you will buy a new Fastag, then you are wrong to think so because now you cannot buy a new Fastag without first deactivating the Fastag.

NHAI has implemented the One Vehicle One FasTag rule some time ago. This new rule was brought because many people were using the same Fastag for multiple vehicles. Your car number is registered in Fastag and the new rule of the government says that for one vehicle you can only You can take only one Fastag.

In such a situation, after taking the second Fastag, after entering the car number, the second Fastag will not be activated for your vehicle. If you are thinking of taking Fastag of another bank, then you will have to stop the previous Fastag.

If you are also struggling with this dilemma that I wish there was a way to deactivate Fastag through Paytm, then the work could be done sitting at home? So, let us tell you that there is a method with the help of which you can deactivate Paytm’s Fastag without leaving home, just by following some easy steps through Paytm app.

Paytm FasTag Close Process: Close Fastag like this

  • Open Paytm app and then search by writing Fastag in the search box.
  • After the search results appear, tap on Manage Fastag.
  • After this you will see the car number, scroll down and tap on Help and Support.
  • Click on Need Help option and then tap on Query Related to updating fastag profile
  • After tapping on i want to close my fastag option vrn number will appear, tap on the number and then tap on YES.
  • After clicking on Yes, tap on CLOSE Fastag and select the vehicle number again.
  • After choosing the vehicle number, you will have to give the reason why you want to stop Fastag.
  • You tap on i am switching to other bank fastag and tap on Proceed.
  • After this you have to tap on Close Fastag.

pay attention

If you have money lying in your Fastag, your money will be refunded in five to seven days after Fastag is closed. After completing the process, you will see the message of request successful on the screen. After this you will have to remove the Fastag from the vehicle and damage it. After damage, the photo will have to be uploaded in Paytm.

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