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Before selling your old Android smartphone, keep these 7 things in mind; Tips

  • Remove all accounts before factory reset
  • Create WhatsApp Backup
  • Check if you phone is encrypted

If you are currently an Android phone user and thinking of buying a new smartphone. Also preparing to sell the existing phone and want to know how to save the data of the phone and how to give the phone to the front in a safe way. So we are going to tell you about some important things here, which you have to keep in mind before selling your Android phone. During this, you should also keep your new phone with you. 

Back up contacts

If you are an Android user and use Google Apps. So don’t forget to back up your contacts. It’s better if your contacts are already syncing to your Gmail account. If not, go to https://contacts.google.com/ manually. 

Back up message and call records

Just like your contacts, you can also back up your message and call records. Messages can be backed up through third party software such as SMS Backup and Restore. You can also create a backup of your messages and save them in Google Drive. Then later you can restore the messages to your new phone. This app can be used to backup call records as well. 

Back up photos and videos to cloud or external storage 

You can back up photos, videos and other media files on your phone to the cloud with the help of Google Photos or Google Drive. Also, the help of other cloud services like Microsoft’s OneDrive and DropBox can also be taken. Otherwise, you can also take help of external hard drive. 

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Remove all accounts before factory reset

Before selling the phone make sure to factory reset it. However, this will erase all your data from the phone. But it is not necessary that your Google account will be removed from the phone. In this case, make sure that you remove the Google accounts and other online accounts from the phone before factory resetting the phone. You can check logged in accounts by going to the phone settings and going to ‘Accounts’. 

Remove memory card and SIM card 

If you are using a memory card in your phone, then remove it from memory. Similarly, do not forget to remove the SIM card as well. 

Create WhatsApp Backup

Make a backup of your WhatsApp chats and photos before shifting to a new phone. For this, you have to go to Chats by going to WhatsApp’s Settings and then to Chat Backup. 

Check if you phone is encrypted 

Before doing a factory reset, make sure your Android phone is encrypted or not. If not then you can do it by going to phone settings. Having Encryption enabled makes it very difficult to access your phone’s data after a factory reset. Most new Android phones come pre-encrypted. 


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