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Before selling the mobile, what must be done with the files kept in the phone, so that there is no misuse? Learn


Before selling the phone, delete all the photos in your mobile.
Keep in mind that all payment apps have also been removed from your phone.
Copy the necessary documents present in your phone to your new phone or laptop.

New Delhi. Nowadays people sell the old phone at affordable prices as soon as they buy a new phone. It is financially right to do this, but from the point of view of safety, sometimes it becomes risky. By going to someone else, your data, photos and personal things present in the mobile also become at risk of falling into any unprotected hands. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to be careful.

If you have taken a new phone, then the second phone will not be of any use to you, but before selling it or giving it to someone, you must delete some things. Let us know about all such things which are necessary to remove before selling the mobile to anyone.

clear the gallery
Make sure that all the photos in your mobile are deleted. Your gallery should be completely empty before selling the phone. Check all the folders present in the drive to see if there are any photos left. Pay special attention to WhatsApp Gallery, Facebook Gallery and Albums.

Uninstall All Payments Apps
Before selling your phone, uninstall all the payment apps available in them. With this no one will be able to withdraw money from your account. These can be Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay or some other apps. So before selling the phone, remove all such apps.

Delete necessary documents also
Often we keep our important documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving license in our phone. Sometimes we even note down our passwords in the phone. Therefore, before selling the phone, delete them too, so that no one can misuse them.

Uninstall social media app too
Before selling your phone, by removing all available social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and Instagram, no one will be able to hack or misuse your social media.

Do a factory data reset of the phone
By all means copy the important things from your old phone to your new phone or laptop. After that go to Settings and reset your old phone to factory data. While doing this process, also select the option of Erase All. This will leave your phone as empty as new.

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