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Before leaving home, check the list of canceled trains, today railways canceled 174 trains

Every day a large number of people reach their destination with the help of railways. Nowadays, although the facility of bus, flight etc. has also become very good, but even today there is a large section of the country which mostly prefers to travel by rail. It is considered the lifeline of the country. In such a situation, the railways also tries to provide many new facilities for the convenience of the passengers. But, sometimes trains have to be cancelled, diverted or rescheduled due to different reasons. Due to this, railway passengers have to face a lot of inconvenience. Along with this, the Railways has to bear huge financial losses.

There are many reasons behind canceling, diverting or rescheduling trains. The main reason for this is the repair of railway tracks. Railways operates thousands of trains every day. In such a situation, there is also a need for maintenance in between the railway tracks. In such a situation, many times the tracks are repaired by changing the time table of trains or by canceling them. Apart from this, many times trains have to be canceled due to bad weather like storm, rain etc. Apart from this, many times railways also cancel trains to maintain law and order.

Today railways canceled 174 trains, 4 trains were rescheduled
Today i.e. on 8th April 2022, Railways has decided to cancel a total of 174 trains. Out of these, a total of 147 trains have been completely canceled. While 27 trains have been partially cancelled. The Railways has decided to cancel a total of 174 trains including Bokaro-Asansol (03591/03592), Shahjahanpur-Lucknow (04320), Sitapur-Kanpur (04327) in the canceled trains. At the same time, 4 trains have been rescheduled today. The rescheduled train numbers are 03612, 13209, 18517, 22177. At the same time, a total of 14 trains have also been diverted today. If you also want to see the list of today’s cancelled, diverted and rescheduled trains, then you can check it with the help of IICTC Help website. So let us tell you about the process of checking the list-

Check the list of reschedule, cancel and divert trains like this-
To check the list of canceled, rescheduled or diverted trains, first of all visit the website of
Check the list of cancel, divert and reschedule trains according to today’s date.
Click on the list of cancel, reschedule and divert trains.

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