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Before Apple, this company made a folding phone like iPhone, the price is less than 4 thousand

Apple Folding Phone: Apple has not yet launched its folding phone. However, some brands are already selling folding phones with iPhone-like design in the market. One such phone is available in India at a price of less than Rs 4 thousand. We are talking about BlackZone BZ Fold. Let us know the details of this folding phone.

Are you also waiting for Apple’s folding iPhone? Although Apple has not given any information about the launch date of its folding phone, but many such phones are being sold in the market which seem to be copies of Apple. One such folding phone is also being sold in the Indian market.

A company named BlackZone has launched such a phone in the market. This phone is available for sale, which you can buy for less than Rs 4 thousand. Its camera module looks largely inspired by the iPhone 15 Pro. Let us know its details. 

What are the specifications? 

The name of this handset is BlackZone BZ Fold , which is a feature phone. That means you will not get the touch screen and other features of a smartphone in it. Yes, the phone looks similar to the Pro model of iPhone from behind. It has dual screen. The main screen of the phone is 2.4-inch. 


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