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Bees can generate electricity up to 1 thousand volts, new research surprised even scientists

Bees can help generate electricity. Can’t believe reading it, but this has been told in a recent study. New research published in the journal iScience says that swarms of bees can help generate electricity? Research says that bees can generate an electrical charge similar to a thunderstorm. This research by researchers from the University of Bristol presents a new dimension of the usefulness of bees.

The study’s first author and biologist, Allard Hunting CNN He told that the team of the university was studying about various organisms, which use the static electric fields available in the environment. He said that atmospheric electricity not only affects weather events, it also helps organisms in tasks like finding their food.

Hunting gave an example showing that flowers have an electric field and bees can sense these fields. These electric fields of flowers can change when a bee is visited, and other bees can use that information to determine whether a flower has been visited.

The researchers used a camera to measure the current during a bee swarm and to monitor the electric field. Here swarm refers to those bees in which the queen bee flies with about 12000 other bees. When the bees passed through the researchers’ research area, they tracked the current for about three minutes. It ranged from 100 to 1000 volts per meter. Researchers say that the larger the swarm of bees, the greater the electric field.

This research may not be used immediately, but it can focus on future research and furthering the use of bees in other areas. This research is a preliminary step. If scientists advance the idea of ​​using bees to generate electricity, they will have to do a lot of work on it.

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