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Become an expert in Google Search, just follow these 5 simple tricks

We all use Google search to find out more information about something or the other. But some simple tricks can make your job easier and easier when using this popular search engine. Google is used as the most popular search engine in the world. Generally anything is searched on Google using key words. But other than this, it is easier to find this information on Google in some other ways. For that, it is necessary to have some advanced feature knowledge, using it and using some related tips, you can get good information in less time. Let’s take a look at five things that can help you search better.

Use of minus sign

If you are looking for some information according to a keyword on Google search engine but you don’t want some things in it, write a minus sign in front of the keyword. So you can get as much information as you want. For example, if you are searching for a good smartphone on Google. But if you don’t want to see the information in 2022, then if you write best smartphone – 2022 and use the minus sign, no information related to 2022 will appear. And your work will be easier.

Use of quotation marks

If you want only specifics to come up when you search for something, you need to quote the word. Doing so will not reveal any information other than the word you are looking for. Only the information you are looking for will come up. This will make your search easier.

How to get more results for one thing?

You can use this trick if you want to get some alternative keywords related to the searched keyword. You can use the sign ~ (tilde symbol) on the result page only. Because of this, you can get many types of information related to the same result. For example, if you search for Acting~Classes, you will also get results related to Acting Classes, Acting Lessons and Acting Coaching.

Use of two periods

Now here’s an even more powerful trick to search anything on Google. So now let’s say if you want information from two specific time periods, you can also get search results like that. You have to use two periods (..). For example if you search Romantic Movie 2012..2015 you will get the information you want. This trick is very useful when collecting data for a research.

Search for specific file types

If you are searching for Power Point or PDF files on Google then this trick is useful for you. This trick is also very simple. You just need to write the format of the file you want. So suppose you want to search for a PDF file related to the history of India, then you can search for Indian history PDF.


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