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Bear attacked, man cut his own hand with a knife to save himself, people were shocked to know the matter

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Man cuts his hand to escape from bearImage Credit source: Symbolic photo (Pixabay)

Bears are also counted among the most dangerous animals in the world, which if they come to their control, can make even lions sweat. These are huge in appearance. The weight of many bears ranges from 500 to 700 kg. Now think for yourself that if such a bear attacks someone, what will be his condition. At present, one such case is in discussion, which has given everyone goosebumps. Can you cut your own hand? No no, but a person has done something similar to save himself from a bear attack, after which he has become a topic of discussion all over the world.

The case pertains to a zoo located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here a 32 year old man cut his own hand with a knife to save himself from a bear attack. The name of this person is Stefan Claudio Specogna. Quoting Bangkok Post, Newsweek reported that the man was feeding an Asian black bear, but in the meantime the bear suddenly got angry and attacked the man. He held Stephen’s right hand in his strong jaw, making it very difficult to free it. In such a situation, Stephen took out a knife from his pocket and cut his own hand.

Did not want to harm the bear

It is being claimed that Stephen did not want to harm the bear, that is why he harmed himself. In this way he saved his own life, but his condition became serious, after which he was admitted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. Although information about Stephen’s condition is not available yet, this matter has definitely come up for discussion everywhere.

News of bear attacks keep coming to the fore

Although this is not the first case of a bear attacking a human being, such cases are often seen and heard in India. In hilly areas from Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh, bears often enter villages and cause devastation. During this time they also injure many people with their attacks.

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