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Be your own mechanic! Quick solution from engine overheating to brake failure

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When the car is new, we also take care of it a lot. With timely service, even the smallest problems in it are rectified immediately. Over time people start to slack off a bit and start delaying the service too. In such a situation, there are many occasions when you have to face difficulties even though the car looks fine. A small flaw in it bothers you. today we like you
We are going to tell about small technical faults, by taking care of them or keeping information about them when it becomes difficult, you will benefit greatly. You’ll be able to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle and how to fix it.

Why does the engine malfunction
Engine failure is the most common cause. When you turn on the ignition, the sudden ‘pop’ sound is caused by misfiring of the engine. Internal combustion in the engine occurs in one cycle, where the air-fuel mixture is pumped into the chamber. The spark plug ignites the mixture, creating pressure and pushing the piston, which brings power to the engine. Also, some of the mixture that doesn’t burn out completely gets passed out through the exhaust pipe. If there is a problem with this process, then there is a misfire. The solution to this problem is to monitor your spark plugs and replace them if necessary or consult an experienced car mechanic.

If the battery is dead then there is a problem
The problem of ‘dead battery’ makes your vehicle not driveable for the whole day. The primary sign that a battery is dead is the lack of early engine ignition. The reasons for this include faulty battery terminal, system failure, old battery etc. This sometimes creates big trouble for the people. In winter or rain, this problem is seen with many people’s vehicles. The solution is to check and replace the battery if necessary or try jumpstarting or checking the charging system.

clutch pedal tightening
An arranged and new clutch pedal is smooth, comfortable and easy to operate. It does not jam in between driving sessions. Whenever you feel that you have to apply extra pressure, know that there is something wrong with the pedals. Never take this problem lightly. The solution is to check if anything is getting stuck under the pedal. Check the pedal cable or adjust the clutch.

brake fault
If you apply the brakes and they make a loud noise, it’s time for you to get help. Sometimes a wet brake will cause this sound and if so, it should go away as the water dries. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong with them. The solution is to replace the worn out brake pads/brake shoes.

Bad engine noise and hot engine
A bad sounding engine is of course scary, the reason for this can usually be a very worn drive belt. The radiator and coolant usually control the temperature of the engine. So, if the temperature of your car suddenly starts rising, then it is a cause of trouble. To get it fixed, go to the nearest garage and replace the drive belt, as it is responsible for different functions of the car. Open the hood for a hot engine and check the cooling level and radiator. Also, look for water pumps and bad thermostats.

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